Dear Mom, You are Enough!


Dear readers,

When I tell fellow moms how old my children are (5 and 3), they give me a look of empathy (or is it pity?) and tell me that I’m in the thick of it.” I’m never sure how this comment is supposed to make me feel  – relieved that at some point I won’t be in the thick of it, or comforted that it’s OK that I sometimes feel like I’m falling short on the parenting front because I’m in the thick of it.

What I’ve learned so far as a working parent is that it’s not easy and it rarely looks as perfect as it might seem on Instagram, and that’s OK. You have to do the right thing for you and your family, and that might not look like the right thing for your friends or your sister or the way your mother raised you. The most important thing is that your children are surrounded by people who love them and that you are making the time to take care of yourself every now and then. And the best thing we can do for other moms is to support them, too – to tell them we’re all in the thick of it, to give them permission to not be perfect and to still feel worthy of the role of mom anyway.

So in our May issue, we lift up the mothers – we honor our own mothers and the mother figures in our lives and celebrate all the ups and downs on the journey of motherhood. We were honored to have many of you want to share with us your reflections on your relationships with your mothers. They are powerful stories of mothers’ unconditional love.

We introduce Skirt Locals, a special advertising section designed to highlight small, local, women-run businesses. It’s one way we put women supporting women into action. If you’re interested in advertising on this page, email and put Skirt Locals in the subject line.

It’s the last month before summer, and we have a packed month of events we’re hosting or sponsoring to honor mothers, to provide opportunities for you to practice self-care, and to empower you to be your best self. Coming up we’re hosting the Get Down with Momma Fashion Show with Woodhouse Day Spa, and tickets proceeds go to Florence Crittenton programs.  We’re also sponsoring events to raise money and awareness for Postpartum Support Charleston, the YWCA and the American Heart Association—yet another way Skirt celebrates and supports women. Check out our events calendar, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest information about all our upcoming events.

Finally, please do us a favor and take the time to fill out our reader survey. Promise it won’t take too long and it’s anonymous. Thank you for your help!

Hope you have a happy Mother’s Day!



On the Cover:
Photography by Caroline Knopf
Retouching by Camera Works, Inc.
Styled by Alexandra Munzel
Photo assistants: Mason Brown and Trista Hernandez
Models: Katarina Pavic and her son Tommy Pavic from Directions USA
Makeup by Lisa Burson
Hair by Shawnee Heltsley

On Katarina: Hat Attack hat, “Jane” jumpsuit, $198; heavy weave beach blanket, $66, Pink Chicken

On Tommy: Chambray shorts, $29.50, J. Crew; “Wylie” Blue Rooster shirt, $48, Pink Chicken


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