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Hello, Skirt readers!  

I just got back from a delicious little getaway to Palm Beach with a girlfriend. It was a dream – blue waters, 80-degree days, high-end shops and perfectly manicured lawns. Paradise. The first day I wondered if I’d ever want to come back. But by the second day, I was already yearning for omnipresent pineapples, cobblestones and false doorways. Because no matter where I go, I always know that Charleston is home because it’s magic.

On this mini vacay I was pondering how I’d introduce myself to you incredible readers. I wanted to give you more than just, “I’m Lorna Hollifield, an Asheville-born, Charleston nearly native novelist ... blah, blah, blah.” Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the stats, boring and not-so boring facts, some now and some over time. But first I’d like to write my thank you letter, because grateful is the feeling that overwhelms me most right now.

I’ve wanted to write for Skirt magazine since I first picked up an issue and started reading when I moved back down to the area about four years ago (I lived here in my early 20s, also). I so deeply enjoy writing about and supporting women. I enjoy writing about things that resonate with other females and that connect all of us. So, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Skirt for offering me than chance to do that via my most loved medium: books.

My first novel, “Tobacco Sun” was released in 2017, and I have a second in the works now. Not only do I write literature;  I am also a connoisseur of it. As an extroverted only child, I often turned to books for companionship (when I wasn’t trying to write them by scribbling in old copies of Reader’s Digest).  I believe literature is the backbone of knowledge – it helps us go places we may never visit, experience cultures we may never be exposed to, and love people we may never meet. It makes us grow.  It makes us connect, and can’t we all agree that we were born social creatures meant to do just that?

The Bookish Blonde review will bring you fun and poignant reviews from many genres across the much broader women’s literature. However, these will not be your mundane book reports basically summarizing what I’ve read. I will do my best to connect you, the readers, to what I was up to, how I felt, and what revelations I came to while I was journeying through the pages. I will connect what I’m reading to my life and yours alike in the most personable way I can. Also, I will always tell you the truth – what’s amazing, what absolutely sucked out loud – the whole enchilada. (Side note: That made me hungry, and I think I’ll now be having enchiladas for dinner…but I digress.)

I love books by Southern authors, fearless females authors, and authors that uniquely understand human beings. I like character-driven fiction, old and new. I’m a sucker for anything Fitzgerald, but my favorite modern authors are Toni Morrison, Bryn Greenwood, Kate Morton and Sue Monk Kidd. I also adore our very own Mary Alice Monroe, who was kind enough to endorse my novel. But I also want to know what YOU like. Leave a comment about some books you’d love to see featured, or that you think I need to check out! Thank you so very much, readers of Skirt, for welcoming me into your community!  I think we’re about to go on a whole lot of adventures together!


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