Big Birthday Calls For a Big Celebration


How appropriate that the theme of this month’s Skirt! Magazine is The Big Issue.  I’ll be welcoming my fiftieth birthday two days after this blog goes live, and I’m celebrating BIG all month with “Pamelatober.”

It started with a stay at a beautiful beachfront home on Sullivan’s Island.  I spent several days in the most comfortable, screen-door swinging, take-a-shower-outside, sand’s-bound-to-get-inside because it’s a beach home.  Family and friends from near and far came to visit and spend a night or two.  I watched the sunrise over the Atlantic every morning while drinking coffee in rocking chairs on the porch. I shared sunset drinks and endless laughter with the most important people in my life.  It was such a treat to slow down in a big way and enjoy our beautiful South Carolina coast.


All my chicks were home to roost.


Bike ride around Sullivan’s with this spectacular intracoastal sunset display.

But then our stay at the beach was cut short by Hurricane Matthew, the biggest storm to graze our coast since we moved here.  We returned to our home to get ready for the hurricane.  We decided not to evacuate, so there was plenty of big preparation to do.  Even today, we are still clearing big branches, debris, and had a big tree removed.

And now, Pamelatober continues.  When this blog goes live, I’ll be on my way home from a big excursion out west: a road trip from Phoenix to Sedona to Flagstaff, then on to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and finally over to Las Vegas.

I have big hopes and dreams for this next decade of my life.  Like the road trip I’m about to take, I’m in the driver’s seat, in control of this journey.  I love where I’ve been, and I’m so excited about where I’m headed.


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