Before Your 2018 Resolutions: Ask & Answer 5 Hard Questions


Kiss 2017 goodbye! It’s a new year, friends, and if you’re anything like us it’s time to reflect on the year past before squaring your shoulders and slipping on your stilettos to take on 2018 with enthusiasm.

But we’re not here to talk about our 2018 resolutions …or yours. We’re here to challenge you to ask yourself five hard questions and be courageous enough to answer them in the interest of coming by those real resolutions that will change your life.

Are you ready? Take a deep breath. We’re in this together.



Did you make yourself a promise last year you didn’t keep?

We’ve all done it – made and broken important promises to ourselves. Taking that trip to Thailand. Cleaning out your t-shirt collection from college. Saving up for the dream home. Finishing your degree. Running your first marathon. Starting your own business.

Before you pile on new goals and aspirations, consider making good on what you’ve promised yourself before. Closure and completion is… oh-so-satisfying for the soul.


Are you inspired by your own elevator pitch?

Take a minute or two to write it down – those three to four sentences that sum up all that is you to strangers in about 20 seconds. Read it out loud. Does it give you the feels? Get you fired up?

If not, consider what you can do in 2018 that’ll put some pep in your pitch.


Did you leave someone better than you found them?

It takes a village, people. We’re all going to need a hand at some point, so did you pay it forward by giving one or two to your fellow man last year?

Whether it is mentoring a newbie at work or volunteering for a cause you care about, getting out of your head and giving back to your community in whatever way is meaningful to you will do wonders to make you a better human.


Are you managing your life or living it?

Adulting can become all-consuming – from deadlines and time cards to that stack of bills waiting on you at home. Weeks can turn into months of treading water.

Make some waves, boo. If you’re in a monotonous managing funk, snap out of it! Start making moves to shake up the routine or simplify the noise. If you need some reading material to get you going, might we recommend this page turner from Sarah Knight.



Are you fulfilled?

Heavy hitter, this one. If you keep doing the same things for another year, will it make you proud? Or does the thought of another year of the same make your chest tight?

Be honest with yourself about what brings you joy both personally and professionally and make space for whatever is missing. Whether it be competing, performing, painting, studying, reading, giving, or playing…it’s your world, squirrel! You only get so many trips around the sun, so let’s make ‘em count!

If a professional aspiration just made your 2018 short list, let’s chat. Whether it be shaping up your personal brand for a leap of faith or making moves, OIAM is in your corner. Let’s make 2018 our year!



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