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I think introductions are in order! My name is Holly McGetrick and I am the owner of Dandy Boutique, a vintage inspired clothing and lifestyle boutique. I have a passion for vintage, industrial chic decor, entertaining, and yes, of course, DIY projects. I was asked to be a part of skirt! magazine’s new blog and could not be more excited to share my passions and interests with you! That being said, the “New Year” is upon us! New Year’s resolutions are in full swing; a new year, a fresh start! It’s a time where we can re-set, revive, and focus on the goals we have for the year! Stepping outside of your comfort zone and feeling a little (or a lot) uncomfortable is when great things happen! It’s also a great time to re-invent, to take a step in a different direction; try that new style, go to that new restaurant, or take on a challenging project. 1st skirt blog 3

For me, that direction has always been vintage, doesn’t matter what decade or item for that matter: vintage cars, vintage clothes, vintage decor. I pretty much liked anything that falls into that thrift store category. That doesn’t mean that every outfit I wear is out of an “I Love Lucy” re-run, but instead it is a fun mix of what I like best. Embrace the pieces you like and fit them in here and there. It’s all about personalizing it to you and your style, not what you think everyone else will like. That thought in particular is what gave me the confidence to really start experimenting. I wear it because I like it, period. What better time to try something new, or old for that matter, than the first of the year!

I hope over the next couple of months you will join me as I share some of my favorite vintage finds, throw fun little parties, and try my hand at new projects. So grab that coffee, re-charge those batteries, and join us on this new adventure!

1st skirt blog 2

Outfit: Belt, ring, watch, shoes, purse: Dandy Boutique  | Dress: Ragtime Vintage (Asheville)

Bracelet: Madewell |Sunglasses: Forever 21 

Photography by E.E. Photography | Location: Mercantile and Mash 


Holly McGetrick (aka Dandy) is the owner and creator of Dandy Boutique, a vintage inspired clothing and lifestyle boutique based in Charleston, SC. Holly first...

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