A Lowcountry Thanksgiving


I can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Normally my blogs consist of outfit posts and diy’s, but in honor of Skirt’s Yummy issue, I decided to touch on my other love: entertaining! Parties and decorating have always been something I enjoy. I love having friends over, opening our home, and spending time with people I love the most. Being from Arkansas, the majority of my family, is a good drive away. When I can’t make it home having a large group of friends around, I consider family, is very important to me. Throwing parties and entertaining is a fun way to keep in touch with all of them. Not to mention the holidays is the best time to break out my decorating skills!skirt-thanksgiving-3This year I want to keep it really natural. I used lots of pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones to surround a beautiful arrangement by my talented friend Angela of Charleston Flower Girl. These arrangements are subtle with beautiful whites, greenery, and even lavender. Now I realize not everyone will have professional arrangements, but that’s why we have Pinterest! Scroll through a few and pick and choose your favorite ideas. My biggest tip when doing your own arrangements is to take it slow and if you have to start over, it’s not the end of the world. I usually find the largest and prettiest selection of flowers at Whole Foods, but Trader Joe’s is good as well. Lastly, I found this adorable paper tablecloth from Target. It meshes perfectly with my natural theme. Now that the table’s set let’s talk food!skirth-thanksgiving-5 skirt-thanksgivingAs far as the food goes, I see no problem in mixing and matching, professional with amateur. There are things I am good at cooking and there are things that are probably better left to the professionals. I have my favorites, recipes that remind me of Thanksgivings at my grandma’s. I have tended to stick with them over the years. I have also incorporated catered dishes from Gourmet Bay, which are fantastic, and of course my man takes great pride in his turkey skills! All that being said, the food is alway a plus, but it’s really the people we surround ourselves with that really make the day special. skirt-thanksgiving-2I hope I was able to give you a little holiday inspiration. From our family to yours I hope you have an amazing Low Country Thanksgiving, surrounded by the people you love most! xoxo-Dandy

Photography: Libby Williams Photography | Florals: Charleston Flower Girl

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