A Collective Objective


by Liz Martin, founder of Charleston Weekender & co-owner of Cannonborough Collective

images c/o Aneris Photography 

Think about peace.  What image pops into your head?  I always seem to envision a group of people holding hands or gathering together.  Sure, peace is something that you can seek within yourself, but the idea of peace on Earth is something really won’t happen unless we all chip in together.  Community and kindness, for the win!  

We set up our retail store, Cannonborough Collective, in the style of a co-op where we rent out spaces to a dozen other local brands.  It allows us the opportunity to work with so many amazing makers from within our community, and I’m frequently reminded just how much better it is when we work together.   We all help spread the word about the shop together, and in return we try to highlight our individual vendors.  We just started a new series to feature our makers on our blog to show some of our gratitude to them.  There is no room for competition when it comes to creating peace!

Can you work with others more often?  These days, a lot of us are entrepreneurs and it’s easy possible to function without much interaction at times.  I encourage you think of ways you can team up with others more often; sign yourself up for a community volunteer gig or join a supper club.  The more we practice engaging with others the easier it will be to achieve peace on Earth & good will toward men.  Bringing balloons doesn’t hurt, either. 


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