10 Essentials for Southern Entertaining


Hosting a party and looking to show southern hospitality? If you want to impress your guest with your southern hosting skills, here are few essentials that you should include for your next soiree. To get you started here are my 10 Essentials for Southern Entertaining.



1)Display Table: A unique table is an essential for southern entertaining. Whether it is a dining table or coffee table, you must have a great place to display to be the center of your party.

2) Custom Napkins: Whether you get them done with a stationery shop or create them on your own, custom napkins add a special touch to any southern soiree and your guests will definitely appreciate them.

3) Custom Cookies: Who doesn’t love cookies? These are the perfect party favors for any event, add a custom sticker or design on the cookies for a delicious treat your guests will love.

4) Wine Station: Wine is essential for any party in the South. It can be from the South of France or your local Target but if you are going to have a party, it is a necessity. Use an antique or ceramic bowl with as a way to display them and keep them on chill and double as party decor.

5) Dessert Display: A cake tray is always a nice touch when hosting in the South. Be sure to balance the colors of the dessert with the color of the tray such as this chocolate dessert paired with a wooden dessert tray.

6) Lighting: To set the mood for a southern party, great lighting is essential. A combination of natural light and a chandelier is the perfect combination for any southern party.

7) Candle Votive: As the sun starts to set strategically placed candle votives are a must. Be sure to add them to your window sill or fireplace mantle to not get in the way of guests and for a stylish and practical look.

8)Glassware: If you want to make your party stand out, try unique pieces of glassware. From vintage to modern this a great way to add decor without a lot of effort and don’t be afraid of color!

9) Biscuits: You can’t get enough carbs at a southern dinner party. Biscuits are a great addition to any menu and a perfect pair for wine and cocktails. You can add a few options for jellies and toppings for a unique biscuit experience your guests won’t forget.


10)Floral Arrangements: Don’t forget to add flowers to your party. You can order a huge arrangement or pick your favorite flowers from your garden for a small bud vase display. Flowers add the natural element that is key to any southern gathering.


Images by Aneris Photography

Styling by YOJ Events

Florals: Lush Floral  and Events Stylists

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