Wear the Season Not the Weather

Charleston is hot and it will continue to be hot for the next couple of months. As much as I want to feel the crisp breeze of Autumn I know I won’t be feeling that till mid to late October, unless by some miracle we get a cold snap. So what does one do when you are a lover of all things from the pumpkin season (including the clothes), but the weather doesn’t want to cooperate? Get creative! Owning a store in a climate like Charleston is the perfect example. You want to change with the seasons, but you also have to accommodate the actual temperatures.


I am done with tank tops and flip flops! I think we can all agree that this particular number screams fall in more ways then one, but as far as how many layers I have on, it’s minimal. I have a fun paisley printed dress, which has a little heft to it, but actually pretty lightweight compared to most fall fabrics. The orange and navy colors transition perfectly into the season. I paired the dress with  loafers and socks and what screams fall more than fox socks?!  Just a few simple changes and you can transform your Summer looks right into Fall.


I topped my look off with a hat which can add a few degrees but if things start to get a little sweaty just take it off! The great thing about my last accessory is that is has no bearing on temperature; this purse can definitely take the heat . I absolutely love this leather etched vintage satchel. I found it at this great little thrift shop, back home in Arkansas. The weight and the color are the perfect details to complete this fall ensemble.


The truth is, I love this season and nothing and no one, including the temperature, is going to stop me from pulling these looks out as soon as physically possible, (of course I want to be comfortable and not look like I just ran a half marathon).  So just remember dress for the season not the weather and we just might get through these balmy Autumns together!


Clothing: Dandy Boutique | Purse: In Retrospect. Photography: Libby Williams Photography Location: Feathertop Coffee

Holly McGetrick
Holly McGetrick (aka Dandy) is the owner and creator of Dandy Boutique, a vintage inspired clothing and lifestyle boutique based in Charleston, SC. Holly first...

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