We’re Going ALL IN!

Summer in January? Absolutely. Baby, it’s cold outside, but we’re smoking hot. We’re going all in and we’d love to bring you along for the ride. This time of year, we dream of sandy beaches, waves lapping at our toes, even as we pile up wood to keep the fireplace stoked. Sometimes we forget that 90 degrees is just a last-minute discount airfare away. Settle for wet and chilly? Not us! We’re going all in for warm and mild breezes, a swimsuit that highlights this and covers that, and we just got another year’s worth of paid time off. What are you going to do with your free days? Hint: Whatever you want. Going all in means you don’t have to be rational, responsible, predictable, or ordinary. Going all in means scrapping the dreary, weary, bland, stale, monotonous, and stop settling for what we’re offered. We’re hitting up 2017 for a raise, a surprise around every corner, for dreams that come true, for dazzling, gleaming, bright and bold. We hope it slows to a crawl so we can savor every minute of every day. And we’d love it if you’d dive right in with us. We’re not saying we have a crystal ball (or that we don’t), but we are saying the future looks so bright, you’re going to want to grab those glam shades. Here’s to a new year, and we hope we end up sitting right next to you on that winter flight to Aruba. Let’s not let anything discourage us from being the kind of women who go all in. We’ve earned it and there’s more than enough fabulous to go around.

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