The Wonder of Women Photographers

I’m a project person.  I love having a theme and doing research and the opportunity to create cohesiveness that a project affords me.  That word, project, once struck fear in my school-girl heart.  Everyone dreaded a project.  It meant time, effort, and the scrutiny of an educator.  In my mind, it was an invitation to judge me.  These days, “project” is just a word that definitely implies work and effort, but it’s also fodder for my blog, Prime Time Pretty.  It’s something the student and educator in me adores.

Last year, my first outing, “Project: Fifty” was a glimpse into the lives of women with whom I graduated from high school; 2016 was the year we turned fifty.  I relished the chance to see old friends and marry my love of writing and makeup artistry.  Because of the success of that, I wanted to expand the scope a bit, and this time to apply the same concept to another group of women: photographers I’ve worked with in Charleston.

My friend Diana Deaver, also a lady photographer, was the person I wanted to shoot this project.  Thankfully, at our first meeting she said, “Yes!” without hesitation.  Diana is also a life coach, and someone who understands what it means to be a photographer, and what I was asking each of these ladies to do: relinquish control.  It’s not easy to be a photographer then be the subject of a portrait.  It takes a lot of trust to do this.

I coordinated the interviews and did the makeup applications.  On February 13, twenty women marched through my front door, each with an appointment and the courage to have their makeup done (not everyone is a daily makeup wearer).   Then they sat and got serious and silly and lovely or anything else asked of them.  To be open, vulnerable, and honest. To have a moment in time captured for them, and to be willing to share it with each other and our creative communities.  To keep it real.  I’ll be forever thankful to them for that.

The Photographer Project has begun rolling out on Prime Time Pretty, and will continue over the next few weeks.  I invite you to read about some of Charleston’s finest photographers and their take on their careers and a fascinating line of work.

Portraits courtesy of Diana Deaver.

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