The Power of Cheese

goat sheep cow north

Have you ever heard that Frank Sinatra song, “That’s Life”, where he lists out all the things he’s been, ranging from jobs to emotions?  It’s one of my favorite songs, and if your timing’s right, you just might find me on George Street after an evening at Zero George singing it quietly to myself as I stroll the dark streets home.

goat sheep cow north

I think we can all identify with Sinatra in that song – the range of emotions life brings us, and even just the variety of jobs! While these days I’ve settled nicely into duel career paths of food blogging and work in the booming tech industry in Charleston, I’ve been everything from a photographer to a coffee roaster in previous career pursuits.

Of all of my jobs over the years, one job has always stood out the most:  Cheese Buyer.

goat sheep cow north

I loved trying new cheeses, learning the intricacies of making cheese, and teaching customers all about it while helping them find something they’d love.

It’s been years since I’ve been in that job, but now there is a place I can go and sit down with a fabulous glass of wine ( not really an option when I was at work! ) and enjoy some fabulous cheese: goat. sheep. cow. north.  Their selection is top notch, and I really enjoy talking to there staff, who has the same passion for cheese that I do!

goat sheep cow north

I highly recommend putting all of your trust in them and getting the cheese plate ( which changes often! ), allowing them to select what you should try.  Don’t worry, they can walk you through what each item is on the plate, just come with an open mind and willingness to try.

PS if you get a glass of the amazing sparkling rosé on their menu, I won’t tell anyone.

goat sheep cow north

Do you have anywhere in town that you absolutely love? Tell me about it in the comments!


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