The Fitness Escape

Fitness seems to be the new normal. I mean, yoga pants have replaced jeans or slacks as the everyday and anytime wear (and I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but THAT is another topic!). We are constantly bombarded with the words, “fat burning, fast metabolisms, protein, boutique fitness studios, Lulu, SPINNING, CrossFit, Barre and Yoga” like we use to hear the words, “Jane Fonda, tanning beds, fat free, Atkins diet, step aerobics and steam rooms.” As we journey back through the fitness trends, it’s a lot of the same with different names, but one thing is for certain… Women are stepping it up! We are obsessed and we have become more and more hardcore about our fitness, seeking the latest and greatest gadgets to get us “skinny.” How many infomercials have you been sucked into where you find yourself reciting that three digit security code on the back of your credit card for just 3 easy payments?

I think the real “healthy choice” is to examine what motivates you. What drives you to get in that 5am work out or that Saturday class? Is your fitness escape driven by joy or obligation? As we take a look back at the evolution of women’s fitness, what exploits have you ventured into with the hopes of greatness and excitement? Take a moment to remind yourself how far you have come and remember not to get “stuck.” Keep your options open and don’t be afraid; encounter all that the fitness world has to offer and appreciate each step along the way. You must come to the realization that no two journeys are the same and embrace what works for you; only then will you find your success.

1910’s: Stretching was the main focus


1920’s: More stretching

1930’s: “Movement is Life”


1940’s: After the War: The area of the Glamour Girls

1950’s: Hula Hoops: Over 100,000,000 were sold in 2 years!


1960’s: The “Trim Twist”: Remember the circular board you did “The Twist” on? Yeah, me either!

1970’s: Jazzercise, baby!!


1980’s: VHS Aerobic Videos

1990’s: Fanny packs and Tae Bo

2000’s: Street Dance


2010’s: First came Zumba, then an emergence of Yoga, SPINNING®, Barre and CrossFit

It’s a lifestyle, train like there isn’t a finish line.

Tiffany Jacquay is a former LPGA Golfer, lifetime athlete, entrepreneur, and one of the area’s leading health and wellness experts. She launched her most recent...

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