Spring Inspiration

SPRING, is my favorite time of the year! The days gradually get longer, the weather steadily gets warmer and no matter what road you are walking on…there are traces of jasmine in the air. People seem happier! There is an abundance of fresh, yummy produce and it inspires us to eat better, healthier and try new things! Farmer market tables are lined with gorgeous boxes of black berries, strawberries, countless varieties of lettuces and beautiful fresh cut flowers! The days just seem sweeter and softer in the spring…its lovely!


Most people make their New Years Resolutions in January…but not me…I usually make new goals for myself during the spring, because it is when I’m most inspired. I think its because of the natural beauty surrounding me during spring time and I tend to be more creative, driven and motivated! Every morning around 6 am, I go outside and water my garden…its a peaceful time before the hustle and bustle of the day takes over. Other than the soft singing of birds in the distance…it is quiet and the perfect time to organize my thoughts. I feel my best in the spring!


Recently I sat down and wrote out a list of things I wanted to accomplish over the next few weeks, months and my 1, 5, 10 year goals. I turned 35 years old in March and it hit me differently then past birthdays. Something about being half way through a decade, seemed significant. I didn’t feel negative about it…just contemplative. When I evaluate my accomplishments and life over the last 15 years..I’m surprised how some of my choices have most greatly influenced new directions in my journey. I am such believer that we are all responsible for creating the lives that we want for ourselves and it begins with gathering our thoughts, organizing our aspirations & goals and writing them down and figuring out what we need to achieve to accomplish them. I also took a sheet of paper and wrote 3 columns at the top of each column was a header:

  1. things that make me really happy
  2. things that I do not like
  3. things I want to change

I challenge you today to take a few minutes and absorb the sweetness of spring and set time aside for yourself to think about what are some things you enjoy about your life and what are some things you’d like to pursue…then sketch out your own road map to figuring out how to make them part of your reality! Let spring inspire you…

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