Spring Floral Crown: DIY

Recently, I sat down with Angela of Charleston Flower Girl to try my hand at making floral crowns. She was working on one for an engagement shoot for our friend, Audrey, and I wanted to try using real florals. I have made quite a few crowns in the past for brides, flower girls, etc., but I have always used vintage millinery supplies or dried florals. Let me just tell you, using real flowers is a whole ‘nother ball game. However, I will say the results came out more vibrant and beautiful then some I have made in the past.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Florals (I got mine from Trader Joes and Whole Foods)
  2. Scissors or wire cutters
  3. Floral wire (Wal-Mart or Michaels)
  4. Floral tape (Wal-Mart or Michaels)
  5. Ribbon


STEP ONE: Take wire and wrap around head to get the correct size (very scientific around here). You do not need to go around the entire head, because ribbon will be added to the ends to fasten. *Note: Make sure you leave enough wire for Step Four.

STEP TWO: Cut a wire the same size as the first and intertwine the wires together to make one (this just makes it a little bigger and easier when adding florals).

STEP THREE: Take floral tape and tightly wrap around the wires, cover the entire length and the ends of the wire.

STEP FOUR: Take the end of the wire and make a loop. Then take the floral wire and wrap around the end of the loop to connect it to the wire. This will be where you tie the ribbon.

STEP FIVE: Repeat Step Four on the other end.

STEP SIX: Take the florals you want for your crown, group them together and wrap floral tape around the stems. *Tip: Be gentle. I broke more than one stem being a little too rough with them.

STEP SEVEN: Place them around the crown to get an idea of how you want your it to look. Start connecting the pieces to the wire with floral tape. Get an idea of how you want it to look before you start, because taking the pieces off (if you don’t like it) can be pain. *Tip: Start from one side and go all the way around in the same direction. You can fill in spaces after you finish.

STEP EIGHT: (Not pictured) Take a length of ribbon (eyeball it to see how long you would like it to be) and put it through the loop at the end of the crown. Make sure it is the same length and tie it to the loop. Repeat on the other side. You should have four strands hanging down.


This is just my own variation on floral crowns and the easist way I found to do it, but feel free to add your own touches to it! I finished two, with slightly different color schemes. I will say, whatever you want to do with them, do it quick, because they do not last long. I was able to put mine in the refrigerator in order to keep them a little longer. Of course, there are sprays and perservatives that you can use, but I don’t consider myself that knowledgable on the subject yet. Below I am modeling my first attempt.


THE SHOOT: My second attempt was a little more secure and I made it the day of, so it was a little fresher. We had the lovely Venita of “All of the Above” model a fun shoot featuring some new arrivals from Dandy and a wooded background. Presto, the perfect spring inspired shoot, complete with a lovely floral crown! In my opinion, real floral crowns are pretty easy to make, but time consuming and time sensitive. However, I feel like they can really make a shoot, event, or special occasion and give it that special touch!





Photography: Alan Marts Photography | Clothing: Dandy Boutique | Model: Venita Aspen, All of the Above

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