Six Healthy Foods You’re Probably Overeating

Too much of a good thing can have a serious impact on your waistline — and your health.

As a certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I like to tout the nutritious benefits of foods. But sometimes, healthy eats don’t need any free publicity — in fact, there are plenty of good-for-you foods that people tend to overdo it with.

To ensure that you’re getting enough — but not too much — of these healthy items, I’ve made a list of the things you’re more than likely overeating right now.

1. Avocados: These are great for your heart (and hair, skin, digestion, and more). That being said, each one also contains 322 calories and 29 grams of fat. Feel free to use one-third of a medium avocado as a serving of fat in your meal or snack — but that’s all you need to reap the benefits of the fruit.

Coconuts on palm leaves

2. Coconut: This ingredient works beautifully in your trail mix, sprinkled on your oatmeal, or drizzled in oil form on your sauté pan. It’s loaded with nutrients, including potassium and fiber — but it’s another food to use with caution. Whether you’re cooking with the oil or using coconut flakes in a smoothie, two teaspoons is plenty!


3. Chia Seeds: Absolutely eat chia seeds– they’re loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, and protein. Just use one tablespoon on your yogurt, in your smoothies, or sprinkled on your salad. Too much of this good thing is hard on the digestive system.


4. Bananas: These are loaded with tons of nutrition — be careful if you’re one of those people who is a creature of habit and tends to eat the same thing over and over (and over) again. Too many bananas are tough on the GI tract. In extreme cases, you can even run the risk of potassium toxicity (although this is a bigger concern for children). While there’s no hard-and-fast number of bananas that would give you a potassium problem, I generally recommend eating no more than 3-4 each week so that you have a chance to switch up the fruit you’re taking in. Remember, this is a great Pre and Post workout champion.


5. Quinoa: A seed, not a grain, quinoa is full of fiber and protein. The calorie profile is similar to that of most grains, with about 110 calories in a half-cup. What’s the problem, you ask? People tend to think of it as an uber-health food and don’t watch their portion sizes. Use quinoa sparingly, and treat it like a starch by limiting yourself to a half-cup serving size. You’ll reap all the benefits without the added calories.


6. Smoothies: Depending on what’s in your morning smoothie “cocktail,” this particular type of calories can go down really easily — and unlike solid foods, your body won’t register that it’s full in the same time frame, therefore you over-consume and BOOM! Bloated! What’s the best way to enjoy a smoothie? MAKE THEM AT HOME! A perfect smoothie consists of a healthy fat ( I use peanut butter), dairy or dairy substitute (I use coconut milk), 1 fruit (blueberries for me) and protein (I use chocolate whey protein powder), raw or local honey and cinnamon, and blend with ice! This is a game changer and fills a tervis or a small shaker cup. Enjoy!

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