Single Bells, Single Bells

There is no “in-between” for people’s feelings about the holidays. You either love them (turn on the Hallmark Channel November 1st and leave it on until New Year’s Day), or you hate them. Either way, here are some tips that can help you survive the holidays and maybe even have you yule-tiding your way to a relationship!

  1. Check yes on that RSVP and add a plus one!

One of the important rules of dating is to GET OUT THERE! Christmas and Holiday parties are an easy way to walk into a room full of people where everyone has something in common …you all know the host! About that plus one: bring a friend of the same gender as you. That way, you won’t send a mixed signal. It shows you’re unattached, and will also boost your confidence if you’re worried about going stag.

  1. Speaking of confidence …. launch full speed ahead into those New Year’s resolutions!

Are you wanting to learn to play the piano? Start training for a half marathon? Start it now! Many resolutions require you to get outside of your comfort zone (something you should do as often as possible). The pressure of starting those goals on January 1st is HEAVY. Getting into a new routine now will set you up for success, and you can meet new people along the way.

  1. Deflect those uncomfortable comments from your overly concerned relatives!

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend with family, but for some of us we dread the biological clock questions from Grandma. While you can’t prevent these type of questions about your love life from being asked, you CAN choose the way you answer it. Let family members know about your new found hobbies, an organization you just joined, or a new charity you are getting involved with. Let them know you are putting yourself out there with your best foot forward and you’re excited about who you will meet along the way!

  1. Dress the part and pay attention to your body language.

I always arrive to a meeting with a new client a few minutes early. When they walk in the door, I look for their body language and what it projects. Are their shoulders back, chin up, eyes engaged with the room, are they giving off a positive vibe? These are key things to keep in mind! Look someone in the eye you’re passing on the street because you never know when you may run into someone special. You could meet a new love in the aisles of the grocery store or in line at the dry cleaners!

I often get multiple texts and calls from clients about what to wear an hour or two before their date. Feeling sexy and confident is so important when you walk into a date or a party, so plan your outfit ahead of time. Ask a friend over while you try on outfits and see which one flatters you most. Frantically searching for an outfit hours before an event will leave you flustered. Preparation is key!

  1. No one wants to mingle with a Grinch!

Decorate a tree! Turn on some holiday music! Walk around your neighborhood with a hot chocolate and admire holiday lights. If you are normally a “bah humbug” during this season, try this as an experiment and see what happens when you immerse yourself into this time of year!

Appreciating where you are in your life at this very moment will change how you interact with others and it will show on your face. Focus on three things you are thankful for each day. It can be the great cup of coffee you just enjoyed, a beautiful sunset, or a new promotion at work. Turn the tables on your mindset, and put effort into a positive outlook. Thankfulness is the reason for the season!

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One thought on “Single Bells, Single Bells

  1. I could not agree more! The holiday season is filled with opportunity to express joy and meet new people. A positive outlook is a great segway to blessings. Happy Holidays!

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