Recipe for a Magnificent MAYne

Changing seasons mean changing needs for hair care.  Thick, wavy hair likes a slightly relaxed look, which is what beachy waves is all about.  Going in to late spring and summer months is a perfect time to give hair a break from intense heat workouts with blow dryers, curling, and straightening irons.  Let your hair air-dry: you may be surprised just how much your locks will love you for it.  It’s softer and more compliant.  This is a great opportunity to let you hair rebound from the winter of its discontent by allowing it to do its own thing.  Luckily, there are some wonderful products that will help us achieve a look that’s season-appropriate, and also hair-healthy.  This season, my go-to hair cocktail is all from Davines.

Photos by Jennifer Collins Photography

Here’s how:

  1.  After hair is nearly dry, spritz with Davines’ Sea Salt Spray.  This light mist has a divine vanilla-ish scent.  A little goes a long way. . . don’t use too much or your hair can become crunchy.
  2. Once hair is completely dry after the sea salt spray, I like to use the Davines’ Dry Texturizer to give my hair lift from the roots.
  3. IF hair feels a little crunchy or just because I want to give my hair some softness to my lioness look, I go back with a pump or two of Davines’ Oi Oil. This light defrizzer is best used halfway down hair to ends (avoiding roots).  It’s a nourishing oil that softens, shines and smells amazing.  If you were to get a little much of this oil in your pump, no worries: rub excess into your arms, from elbows to hands.

You can find Davines’ products at select salons around Charleston; I got mine at Gloss Salon, 672 St. Andrews Blvd, in West Ashley.  Wishing you a Magnificent Mayne!

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