QUIZ: Move on or stay on?

Could your career use a metaphorical Febreze spritz, or is it time for a fresh start someplace entirely new? Are you feeling burned out or does the thought of spending 2017 at your current job fill you with a sense of purpose and drive? What if you are just on the fence- you don’t hate your job but you don’t exactly jump out of bed for your Monday mornings.

It’s January and a great time to look at your life with a new perspective. Yep, we know that sounds cliche and you are probably already over all of the “New Year, New Me” stuff filling up your Facebook feed. But if 2016 taught us anything, it is that life is short (RIP Carrie Fisher, George Michael, David Bowie, etc.- the sad list goes on and on) and that ANYTHING can happen.

We’ve created a little quiz for you (who doesn’t love quizzes?!) to help you diagnose whether it’s time to make that big career move. So when it comes to your job- should you move on or stay on? Take the quiz and count up the number of time you say “yes”- then brace yourself for some new insight into career journey!

  1. There is a definite cultural alignment  between you and your company.
  2. You are happy with your career and rarely dream of doing something else.
  3. When Friday rolls around, you generally feel good about the week and what you have been able to accomplish.
  4. You are making a positive impact on others, in some shape or fashion, and that feels good.
  5. You are treated like a “grown-up” at work with power over your schedule.
  6. Everyone loves the weekend, but Monday mornings aren’t too bad- it’s fun catching up with coworkers and resuming the projects you’d been working on the week before.
  7. Vacation is AWESOME, but you’re not counting down the seconds until your next one.
  8. There is growth potential in your position- you haven’t plateaued but you’re also not facing the Mt. Everest of career ladders.
  9. You feel pride in describing what you do and where you work.
  10. Your coworkers are fun and contribute to a pretty cool work environment.

If you said “yes”:

7-10 times: STAY! You should definitely stay in that current position that is making you feel fulfilled and happy. Become a culture evangelist! Get involved with new employee orientation and help show the newbies what is so great about company X. Give positive feedback to your managers about what the company is doing right- they so often only hear the negative, what a refreshing way to start the New Year! Keep your LinkedIn profile current- as recruiters we can tell you that the best candidates are usually happy in their current jobs and aren’t actively looking for something new. Even if you love your job, you don’t want your professional skills to stagnate!

4-6 times: Stay or go- tough call here. You don’t hate your job by any means but you aren’t necessarily in love with it. Is it the culture of the company that is leaving you feeling so blah? If so, that might be a tough thing to fix and you may want to start looking at other companies better aligned with the kind of workplace culture that excites you. Is it the work itself? Are there other departments that are doing more interesting things that maybe you could get involved with?

0-3 times: GO! The fact that you hate your job won’t really come as a shocker and you really didn’t need this quiz to tell you that. Sit down and do what we call a “passion alignment exercise.” Take a sheet of paper and divide it into four columns. Label them, “Love,” “Like,” “Suck at,” and “Hate.” Now brainstorm all the things you love doing, like doing, suck at doing, and hate doing. You want a job that has you in the “Love” and “Like” columns 90% of the time. Start reaching out to contacts on LinkedIn, friends, family, etc. just to talk and help you get direction as you work to leave that job you dread behind.

Lee-Anne Scalley (“LA”) is a Talent Matchmaker who owns the C-level and technical talent acquisition market. She is fiercely driven, with a passion for sourcing...

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