Refresh: A Beauty Re-boot


Januarys bring about the opportunity to refresh and re-do virtually every area of our lives.  The way we approach our beauty is absolutely at the top of my list.  As a working makeup artist and “Beauty Influencer” I find it’s a great time to toss out the old ways of doing things, old mindsets, and old products.  Clear out your makeup bags of gooey tubes; throw away half-used bottles, and expired goods.  It’s also time to think about the products and procedures that have worked for us and those that we need to say farewell to. Our faces, skin, and practices become immune to old ways.  This is the perfect time to downsize: go lean and mean, and then build upon a new foundation.

The cornerstone of any beauty routine is skin care and maintenance.  Jennifer Norman is my skin guru and self-proclaimed “skin nerd.”  She’s the Director of Esthetics at Trident Technical College and former Woodland Spa director.  She has some pearls on how to make a visible difference in our routines.

The sun causes 99% of all visible aging.  It’s imperative that we wear a broad spectrum SPF 15-50 at all times, even in the winter.  This is our anti-aging foundation!

Put down the bar soap.  Soap strips our skin of its “acid mantle” which is the protective barrier we need to keep pathogens out and moisture & hydration in.  Opt for a gentle, low-sudsy cleanser that is geared toward your skin type.


Speaking of, how do you truly know your skin type? Read on . . .

Find a good skin therapist.  This is a professional who has been trained and is armed with the latest knowledge to keep you from wasting money on products your skin does not need.  Go in with lots of questions and an open mind for changing up your previous notions.

Red is not good.  Red = inflammation.  Inflammation is the visible (or invisible) way our body tries to warn us that we’ve gone too far or done something to an extreme: sunburn, over-exfoliating, or even scratching an itch too hard.  “Inflamm-Aging” is the term for what inflammation does to our skin: it ages it!

Once your skin is healthy, you’ll get the optimal benefits from makeup.  Estheticians and makeup artists agree that whether you like your makeup minimal, glam, or somewhere in between, healthy skin is the ideal starting point. I visited Kori Mahoney, manager of CosBar Charleston, to check out some stellar treatment makeup and talk about trends.

In our coastal area and climate, less makeup is the ideal and what most consumers are looking for. This means that foundations, which provide a lot of nutrients and treatment ingredients without being cakey or opaque, are prized. Think “tinted moisturizers” or “luminizing foundations.” They are sheer, radiant and buildable.  If you want more coverage, you put more on. 

Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Glow is billed as a “bi-phase makeup elixir that gives you the richest glow in the thinnest texture.”  It’s a foundation that needs to be shaken in order to blend the oils and pigment.   Even though the ingredients separate, the shaking motion mixes all the coverage, radiance and moisture properties together for a lovely, light foundation.

The trend for lips this winter is rich, velvety color: most any shade you can think of, sans shine. GloMinerals Suede Matte (Crayon or Stick) is a perfect choice. The shades range from demure to vibrant, and the texture is the perfect mattefied velvet that’s so in right now.  And this formula stays put through coffee, meetings, and lunch.  It’s my new go-to lip color.

I challenge you to do three things with your beauty routine and arsenal this January:

Throw away your bar soap. Your face and body will love you for it.

Do the research to find a new foundation that’s right for you. 

Try a velvet-texture lip color and don’t be afraid to go bold with the color. 

Happy New Year! 

Happy Beauty Refreshing!

Happy New You!



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