Pack Your Tunes

As warmer weather quickly approaches us, travel plans start to take over. Umbrella drink wishes and palm tree dreams will run rampant until we give into our wanderlust. Now, as a Charlestonian it’s easy to feel vacation-type of feelings frequently; however, everyone needs to get away from their day-to-day routine. Personally, after my suitcase is packed and my auto email response is on, I make sure I have a playlist to take along on my travels. Now, I’ve made playlists/mixtapes/burned CDs for years to make sure I have the perfect set of tunes. I like to pride myself on my careful selection process and making sure each song captures the appropriate vacation vibes.

As a local music lover and supporter, I felt it my duty to share with you all some of my favorite local songs that could work for a road trips to Nashville, flights to remote locations, and even for the days you need to zone out from the ordinary. There’s funk, punk, and even a lady with a washboard. However you choose to break out from your regular routine may it be a scheduled vacation or just a personal day on Folly Beach, make sure you bring music along that makes the adventure that much sweeter.

Meggie Hulsey
Meggie Hulsey heads up the blog, Disco Teepee, covering local and regional music. Music changes moods and minds. This is her journey to bring the...

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