Nothing in Life is Bigger Than the Little Things: A Letter to Liam

Dear baby boy,

The other evening, we took you for a walk after work like we always do. Your dad was excited that the weather cooled down just enough that maybe we could get away without using bug spray. As we strapped you into the stroller, I couldn’t believe how big you looked. No longer helplessly cradled in a seat with cushioning around your delicate head, but instead sitting up, holding on to the edge of the tray with your tiny fingers, and looking around with those big brown eyes.

As soon as we returned home, I sat down and wrote you this letter. Because although I know we will never forget the day you were born or your first Christmas or all the other big moments that happen in life, I want to make sure I never forget these little moments in time. Like watching as your eyes got bigger and bigger with each passing step during our walk. How you smiled at everything you saw, from the little dog barking at the fence to a palm leaf flapping in the wind. Remembering how the sounds of a truck passing made your jaw drop in curiosity, but the banging of the chain fence startled you and made you cry. How when we stopped to talk to all the neighbors, it’s like you’ve known them your whole life, sharing sloppy, drool-filled giggles that reveal your two new teeth. And how when the sun was setting over the harbor that night, the mosquitoes started to come out, once again proving that mom is always right and we should have put on bug spray.

Life is filled with such big wonderful events. One day you will grow older and fall in love. You may even get your heartbroken. You’ll have to go for job interviews and choose a job and buy a house and go through all the other choices grownups have to make. But my wish is that you will remember each little step in between. Never forget the days that you sat around with someone you loved and talked about nothing and everything. Remember to laugh about the silly things, the mundane things, and everything in between. Because life is going to move fast. And nothing is bigger in life than the little things. Never forget that. And never forget your bug spray, too.

Love always, your mama





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