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Makeup is my escape and I like to build escapades around it: workshops, conferences, or shopping excursions to see and experience cosmetics from different places. A cosmetic store in one town might stock makeup that may not appear in another. Cosmetics can be regional in their appeal and popularity, and I love to peruse the aisles and observe the variance!

I traveled with a friend to Memphis for a tour of a charitable entity. But when the tour guides began herding us to every spiel and heart-wrenching presentation, and watching our every move (even to the ladies’ room), well, we “broke bad” and ditched it all; left the whole thing behind to make our own tour of the city. We ended up in this phenomenal little apothecary called Maggie’s Pharm. It’s a tiny bungalow overgrown with bougainvillea and ivy. It offered up the most amazing array of essential oils, soaps, and natural cosmetics that I’ve ever come across.


When visiting Asheville, NC, a trip is never complete for me without a stop in a store called Makeup At The Grove Arcade. I’ve had some of the most educational tidbits thrown my way about makeup applications and perfume-mixology in that quaint, beautifully lit place. All trips to AVL include a visit to check out the makeup goodness there; in particular, a locally-curated line called Serenity+Scott.


Last summer, our trip to Scotland and Ireland was punctuated on both ends by a salon blow-out and forays into their drugstore (Boots) and department store (Dunnes) cosmetic counters. Those Scottish lasses love their eye makeup! And it seems everyone loves their own brand of the Urban Decay “Naked” palettes. I was overwhelmed with how much “Naked” there was in this store. Palettes as far as the eye could see…


The next time you’re in line at the pharmacy or waiting to board your plane at an airport, notice all the cosmetic choices that are now available to us: products for sale as well as beauty services. I enjoy escaping into this vast world of cosmetics and building trips around finding new products. That’s my kind of fun!

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