Make America Date Again

Valentine’s Day is almost here so I’d love to share some fun statistics from last year’s “Day of Love” with you! (Statistics taken from Fortune Magazine).

-The average person spends $512.03 on their significant other for Valentine’s Day
-The five most common items purchased are a box of chocolates, diamond earrings, dinner for two, a dozen roses, and a bottle of champagne
-The average cost of a “night out” on Valentine’s Day has not dropped in fifteen years

Now here is the one I really need you to pay attention to:

-According to the dating app, Hinge, last Valentine’s Day the app saw a 230% increase in usage when compared to a typical Saturday

What does this huge increase in usage tell us? Singles are ON THEIR PHONES looking for love. Please don’t get me wrong, I know dating apps such as Bumble & Hinge have their place in the singles scene; However, I do believe that singles today are relying far too much on screens and swipes in their search of love. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s challenge each other to put more emphasis on real, sincere dating!

I totally understand these apps are convenient, save time, and are simple to use. But, they also add unnecessary anxieties to dating. Apps provide no accountability, and what do we really know from that one picture? The most common things I hear are “He/She looked nothing like their picture when we finally met,” “We communicated for weeks and he/she all of a sudden disappeared,” or “my date just didn’t show up.” No wonder so many who have been online dating for an extended period of time end up disappointed and jaded with the entire process!

This Valentine’s Day, I want to challenge you to put down the phone, put on an outfit that makes you feel like the beautiful, confident lady that you are and head out the door! When we practice smiling, having good posture, being positive and approachable and being engaged in light hearted yet intelligent conversation, it becomes a habit. These are key elements that will attract your significant other sooner rather than later!

Let’s get our noses out of our phones and have fun, having meaningful conversations with real people. An app can’t predict chemistry, compatibility, or if your date will even show up after you’ve been corresponding for weeks. So let’s get out of the house, off of the phone, hold our heads high and MAKE AMERICA DATE AGAIN!

Buffie Bell Lilly is certified by The National Matchmaking Institute and is the founder of Charleston Wine Pairings. A graduate of Clemson University and The...

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