Loved ya, Summer ’16. . . but you’ve got to go!

SexAPeel by Sonia Roselli Beauty could be considered the opposite of this month’s “oxygen” theme. It represents more of the skin’s exhale or release of toxins and facilitates the letting-go of dead skin cells: exfoliation. And what better way is there of letting go of summer 2016, and embracing our upcoming autumn, than the process of getting rid of that dead stuff?

Esthetics 101: slough off the dead skin cells to get maximum moisturizer benefits. Once the outermost layers are gone, lotions, serums, and other treatment products will penetrate much deeper into epidermis and therefore work better and be more beneficial for your skin’s barrier!

I first learned of this product by way of GlossiblePro, Sonia’s Facebook discussion/education group for professional makeup artists.   It’s a product borne from necessity. So often, the brides and/or models that Sonia worked with, came to their sessions with the need for the clean slate that is freshly exfoliated skin. Sonia developed this product with the pro makeup artist in mind. She wanted a spray product that could be used on-location and removed with a washcloth if a shower wasn’t available. That’s exactly what she made. You can read the story of its inception through development here.  And now, it’s available to consumers via her website and Amazon.

SexAPeel is a chemical exfoliant as opposed to a physical one (a loofah sponge or apricot-pit scrub). It contains an alpha hydroxy acid that breaks down the dead skin cells on contact (they bead up and roll away).  Spray, Rub, Rinse.  That’s it!

I work with brides and models, too. My clients’ skin-needs include exfoliation on the spot.  So, I reached out to Sonia; within days, my SexAPeel arrived. I’ve been super-impressed with everything from the packaging to the performance of the product, to the marketing and the professional advice available regarding its use.

Are you ready to move past summer ’16 and let your skin breathe in a new season???  SexAPeel is the answer!  Watch this video to see how easy this is:

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