Just Breathe

When I think oxygen, it makes me take a deep breath in. Try it.

I’m grateful for this air we breathe everyday. It reminds me to slow down and relax. Having four young children and all the chaos that comes with it, I still ensure that I take time to breathe and make time for myself. That time for me is exercise. I have friends that still say they can’t fit it in, that there’s simply just not enough time. But the catch is, you have to purposely make time.


I learned quickly that you can talk yourself out of pretty much anything. The mind is a powerful thing.

Getting motivated to do something can be really hard for many of us, at first. There are many days when I just want to sleep in a little longer, or would rather catch up on my favorite show than go for a run. But then I ask myself, do I feel better that I did that? Exercise gets me on the right track to eat better and the way I feel about the day is much more invigorating and positive.


If I don’t, then I’m constantly kicking myself for not working out or trying to decide when I’ll still fit it in, and then that downward spiral leads to choosing unhealthy food options and doesn’t put me in the best mood. Again. Just breathe.

One of my mantras is “Tomorrow is another day.” It’s a positive outlook if you’re doing something good, then the next day will be just as awesome. It also means that if you’re not having the best day, you can restart tomorrow and try again.


When my children were younger, making time for myself to exercise wasn’t quite as easy. There was always something one of the children needed, and they weren’t in school so time to myself wasn’t happening. But then I realized that early mornings were a time that I could make it work.


To be honest, in the beginning, it was rough. Waking up early to go on a run, when all I wanted to do was snuggle in for a little bit longer. Yeah, that was tricky. But after I started being more consistent about it, it became routine and I started seeing and feeling results. When I would get home right before the children were up, I was ready to tackle the day. It made me that much happier knowing my work-out was over for the day and I felt good. Those of you with children know that a happy mama is the best mama.

Even single moms, those who have husbands that travel, or those with young babies can do it. Pop in a workout DVD while your baby is napping or commit to jogging on the treadmill. Even if I can’t get outside, I’ll take to the stairs in my house. Even three steps is worth it. Try doing that repetitively for about fifteen minutes, and your calves will be thanking you the next day.


Take young ones on long walks while the older kids are in school, and eventually work up to running. My kids love it, as much as I did. It wasn’t truly the “me” time that I had before, but the work-out was great and the quality time was even better.

“Waste some time with your kids … those are the moments that become memories.” – Anonymous


I do get questions a lot on how I find time to do it all, blogging, exercising, being a good wife and caring for four kiddos. I’d be lying if I didn’t say wine is my friend. Ha. But I also breathe and pray. All very powerful, but they help me stay the eternal optimist that I am. And if you can give your children anything in the world, it’s just that. Be happy and positive, go outside and breathe. Outside you’re free to breathe in that beautiful, natural air.


You have no idea how loudly that speaks to them.

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