January- The Stronger Issue

The Stronger Issue
Skirt! celebrates women with attitude. We think attitude is a good thing. Skirt! women are confident, spirited and passionate about their families, their friends, their pursuits and their community. They are makers, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, community leaders, lawyers, doctors, chefs, teachers, students, mothers and daughters. A skirt! woman defines success on her own terms and supports other women in their journeys. She has her own sense of style. She enjoys life and seeks out new experiences. She works to give back to her community and make her little part of the planet a better place. She is curious about the world around her. She values diversity and different perspectives. She is willing to stand up and speak out and seeks to amplify other women’s voices. She is smart and she is kind. The skirt! woman is the woman we strive to be every day, and especially in the upcoming year. She’s an influencer, a decision maker, a go-getter and a do-gooder. She is strong. And she is powerful.

Cover Artist
Chambers Austelle is a contemporary figurative painter and educator living in Charleston, SC. Austelle is best known for her compositions of vivid color and female subjects. The isolated environments challenge the viewer to question the way beauty and women are perceived in our culture.

Austelle’s work has been exhibited nationally and exists in many private collections. Recently, she was awarded Best in Show at The City Gallery for “Piccolo Spoleto’s 2016 Juried Exhibition”, as well as Charlie Magazine’s “50 Most Progressive”. Austelle’s work has been
featured in publications such as Expose Art Magazine, The Artist Catalogue, Art Maze Magazine, The Jealous Curator, Create Magazine and more.

Instagram: @ChambersAustelle

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