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I’m a food blogger. I got into this because I am fascinated with food and love that it brings people together. I enjoy it all; cooking, gardening, eating in, dining out. I am an eater with an iPhone.
It’s a hobby and fun. I’ve never been published. Never written a book. Don’t know the first thing about it.

All I do, is take pictures of food, post them on my Instagram page and occasionally write an article about it. Its a great hobby. CORRECTION: IT WAS A HOBBY UNTIL DEC. 31ST, 2016. Now I’m taking it to the next level and as foreign as it may all be to me, up to this point…I’m pooling all my networking, resources, passion and experiences into one creative place and I’ve decided to make a book. I had the idea about 6 months ago…but I didn’t think I’d be able to begin the project for another year or two or five (or maybe: never). We all have these ideas, these visions or ambitions of trying something new or creating something or pursuing something different…but we hold ourselves back (sometimes its self doubt, fear, lack of time or motivation or sometimes there are tools we don’t have to help us acquire our goals). Then we put these creative ideas on the back burner and most of the time they cool off and evenually disappear…forever into the pile of: “I wish I hads…”

My vision was to create a book that features what is happening throughout the 4 seasons in our local food community and work with a select group of farmers, fisherman and chefs to create a seasonal guide. I wanted to gather a collection of stories from the farmers who grow our food, the fisherman working out on our beautiful waters and add fun approachable recipes from area chefs that are doing neat things and of course add lots of pretty pictures (because thats what I do:) I knew for my: DREAM PROJECT, that along with writing Id like to take all the photos….but: I don’t have any equipment. I’m a single mom and while I’m able to provide my daughter with a good life…I don’t have the means or resources to go out and spend several thousand dollars on photogrpahy equipment. REASON NUMNER #401 HOLDING ME BACK.


A series of events began to occur toward the end of 2016 and I realized that I had an oppertunity to make this vision of creating a book…happen…but I wasn’t sure how to acquire the tools I still needed. I called one of my dearest girlfriends (of 20 years) and asked her what I should do, because thats what we do when we need help or advice or a sounding board or a shoulder to lean on…we call on our #girlsquad and ask for brainstorming help! Krystal (who is a professional photographer in Portland) told me that she thought I should start a KICKSTARTER campaign and try to raise the funds I needed to tackle my project. (Sidenote: I wasn’t really sure what that was…thank goodness for the internet and Google)!! Over the next 25 days I did exactly that…and on December 31st, 2016 my project got fully funded, allowing me the opportunity to set my goal into action.


It wasn’t easy! It was incredibly hard to put myself 100% out there. I was terrified to put together a campaign asking everyone that I was friends with, my entire family, everyone I’ve ever met or worked with to please help me by making a financial contribution. I was terrified and feared rejection, feared humiliation, feared that I was annoying everyone…BUT IT DIDN’T STOP ME FOR A SECOND! I asked, I re-asked, I pushed on…sitting on the edge of my seat the entire 20 days the campaign ran. And people believed in me and my project and now….I’M MAKING A BOOK. I am in awe and can’t believe its really happening…but it is! Ive never been so grateful or appreciated anything more. The day I found out I was funded…I hit the ground running. I now have 8 farms, 3 fishermen and 11 chefs on board! It’s going to be a fierce 12 months of working really hard, non-stop, and never resting until its done…and I’m ready!


Make your dreams happen…now is the time to start…its a new year…take the 1st step towards it…see how far you can go…and when you feel frustrated or fearful…step out of your “box” and ask your #girlsquad for their advice!!!

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