Five Smart Choices to Make Daily

1. Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D.
Flop down on a towel at Waterfront Park to soak up some sun with a good book on your lunch break. Vitamin D benefits the health of your bones, teeth, immune system, brain and beyond. Bonus points for kicking off your sandals and dipping your toes into the Pineapple Fountain.

2. Get Your Energy Boost.
A cup of coffee (or three) a day keeps the unproductivity away. Some studies have shown that coffee kickstarts brain function to benefit memory, mood, energy levels and overall cognitive function. Get thee to Black Tap for that cappuccino you’re craving.


3. Absorb Some Inspiration.
That’s why art exists. Pencil in the First Friday On Broad Gallery Stroll and take in the works at galleries like Ellis-Nicholson Gallery, Cecil Byrne Gallery, Martin Gallery, and Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Gallery the first Friday of each month from 5-8 p.m.


4. Laugh Daily.

Get the girls together and head out to Happy Hour at Muse, dessert at The Rarebit (hint: Bourbon Sorghum Pecan Pie) or a stroll around Hampton Park.


5. Say Your Affirmations.

Research shows that affirmations have the power to rewire our brains, raising the level of feel-good hormones and facilitating the formation of “positive thought” neurons.

So say it. Say, “I’m beautiful.”

Say, “I’m strong.”

Say, “I love you.”

Then smile at your reflection in the line of windows as you walk down the street to whatever’s next. You know you look amazing.

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