Easy Like Magic

I was walking through the bookstore the other day when this caught my eye.

I laughed out loud. Because funny’s funny. And also, if you’re a fan of Marie Kondo you get the joke.

Kondo is the author of bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (get it now?), and recently she released her second book, Spark Joy. The gist of both is this: If an item is taking up space in your home and doesn’t bring you joy, let it go.

Can you imagine what would happen if we applied this rule to all areas of our lives? 

That’s where Sarah Knight was coming from when she wrote the parody, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck. 

I’m one who appreciates a meaningful, well-considered F-bomb (as long as the kids are out of ear shot), and I kept thinking about the book after it nearly leaped off the shelf at me in the bookstore. So, days later, in the middle of a particularly crappy day, I spontaneously whipped into the Barnes & Noble parking lot, grabbed the book, laughed with the lady at checkout (again, because funny’s funny), and was back in my car in two minutes. 

Oh, the rebellion! The rush! And, in that moment, I noticed that I felt a little bit better. 

It wasn’t so much the buying of the thing that created the sudden feeling of lightness, because buying things is not always the most effective way to solve a deeper underlying issue or fill a void. But in this case, I felt the book calling to me, and it practically begged me to come back.

It’s a fast read. With a title like that, it can’t be hard, right? The parody serves as a simple reminder of what I care about, and what I don’t. 

For many of us, the process of decluttering needs to extend beyond our closets and kitchens and desks. We need to take time to clean our mental and emotional junk drawers, and be reminded—perhaps in a very funny way—that we don’t have to be all the things and do all the things.

Sometimes all we need is a shift in perspective, and a sense of humor.


Does it spark joy? No. Then let it go.

Does it spark joy? Yes. Then follow that trail of breadcrumbs, even if it leads you back to the bookstore in the middle of a crappy day. You never know, it could be the magical and life-changing thing you need to keep going. 

Angie Mizzell is a writer, TV spokesperson, and mom of three. She is also the co-founder of Charleston Storytellers and blogs about creating a life...

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