BIG Thinking

Have you ever wished life came with a guidebook? Well, since it does not, we have to write it as we go along and let’s admit, sometimes we fudge it! However, the more guidelines and wisdom we have, the better we can navigate through the field of reality to create the life of our dreams.

For most, many things don’t come easily, and some things seem well, nearly impossible. We are always attracting into our lives what we need for our spiritual growth. The game of life requires stealth, wisdom and staying power. Ultimately it is our habits that define our destiny. To develop a BIG life, we need stamina, focus, dedication, and determination!

So, if you could write your own life’s personal guidebook, here are 10 points you need to start that book…

  1. Follow your heart and your gut

Live a more satisfying life by letting your heart guide you and that “gut instinct” protect you. When we truly LISTEN to our soul, our body, our GUT; it tells us the truth. It leads us to the “WHERE” or “WHAT” of our next step. Your heart is tender, kind and guided by meaningful choices. Your heart is much more likely to do the right thing, rather than making a self-serving ego-driven decision.

  1. Your SOUL speaks loudly, listen.

Remember, fear does not reside in your soul. The soul is your unique signature, if you will, into your body.  Follow it! Stay true to yourself.  If you aren’t aware, you can’t hear and if you aren’t in touch, you will never understand the calling of your soul.

  1. See the BIG picture.

Don’t get stuck on the small things. Focus on what’s really important and how you can get what you want out of life. Create systems that work for you. Being organized helps you define your goals and set methods in how to achieve them. Manage your life effectively by organizing your dreams into bite-size chunks and letting systems guide you toward achieving your goals.

  1. Master self-emotions.

Emotions are the most powerful energy you have. Successful people develop methods to harness their emotions. Develop passion for who you are and what you are here to contribute. Connect emotionally with what you want to achieve. Make it resonate deep inside you.

  1. Align to your truth.

Stay in touch with who you are. Align yourself to your thoughts, feelings and actions. Stay fully present to who you are and what you would like to achieve. See yourself as one with your goal. Create the emotion of achievement, and use it to inspire you.


Be aware of environmental influences. We all impact each other in obvious and subtle ways. Negative people can weigh you down and affect your results. Surround yourself with a supportive tribe who can help you capitalize on your potential.

  1. Follow your intuition.

The more you use your intuition, the more you build trust in your intuitive insight and the more you’re able to follow your intuition. Successful people make quick decisions. How do they do this? By following their intuition!

  1. Keep your head clear.

Affirmations and visualization support and inspire you on your journey. Rest…it really is that BIG of a deal!

  1. Believe in yourself. 

You are something of real value and you have something unique to offer the world. Half the battle KNOWING you can. All the other steps just force you to have a plan. Believing in yourself allows you to move forward.

  1. Act!

The only failure comes in not trying. There is no failure in giving your all, no matter the result. Just be sure to learn from all the steps, including the failures. That is usually where the greatest lessons are learned.

  1. Keep the faith.

The final step is to let go of the outcome and have faith. Sometimes all it needs is a little faith. It takes patience and consistency for anything to develop or change. You just have to have to guts and the mindfulness to KEEP THE FAITH in yourself and your action steps.

You have 1 life…how do you chose to live it? BIG! As they say, “GO BIG OR GO HOME!”

Tiffany Jacquay is a former LPGA Golfer, lifetime athlete, entrepreneur, and one of the area’s leading health and wellness experts. She launched her most recent...

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