4 Rituals To Ring In The New Year With Intention

By: Emily Cassel

New Year’s Eve is my absolute FAVORITE holiday, because it marks the passage from one year to another and offers us a clean slate to begin again.

I also LOVE creating rituals for myself and my clients to honor the many transitions we go through in life.

Rituals allow us to create a sacred transition in the present moment between the past and the future. They allow for a powerful sacred pause and deep reverence for our lives, ourselves, + others.

Rituals offer us the chance to reflect, to come back “home” to the present moment, and to set the intention for what’s to come.

I am soooooo excited to share with you today four of my favorite rituals to ring in the new year with intention, and to set yourself up for a year of clarity, confidence, + alignment.

A New Way to Wake Up — New Year’s Day is my absolute favorite day to wake up – everything feels possible + new! So I love to design a new and exciting morning ritual that has me leaping out of bed in the morning (instead of hitting snooze three times + feeling behind). The exciting part is important. It’s also important that whatever you choose is simple and easy, and that you start small to build the habit. A 2-hr morning ritual with 20 moving parts is most likely NOT going to be sustainable all 365 days of the year! Have something simple lined up to begin, so that you set yourself up to win and it’s easy to follow through. If you need some help or are confused about where to begin, and want some guidance, I have a FREE 10-min morning ritual guide that I’ve created that you can access here. It makes your morning ritual as easy as rolling out of bed, pressing “play,” and following my lead. No thought process or to-do list required! A morning ritual will help you start your day off with intention, prime your brain for success, and make it easier to establish other healthy habits throughout your day, among other benefits.

Write down your “Big Sexy Vision for Success” — I have a detailed process for guiding women through what I call their Big Sexy Vision for Success, but you can simplify it for yourself. Think about every area of your life + if you could wave a magic wand and have it anyway you want it, what would it look and feel like? Consider all the things you say you’ll do “someday,” but haven’t yet made space or time for in your life, and add those things in! Take some space to dream and envision what it would look like if like was exactly as you wanted it, no limits. Throughout our days, weeks, months, and years, we rarely (if ever!) carve out intentional space to dream and envision what things would be like if we truly had nothing holding us back. Give yourself the gifts of presence and perspective today, light a candle, make a cup of tea, and make friends with your journal. You might be surprised at what flows out of your pen!

Burn Something Old + Plant Something New — Write all the things you’d like to release on a paper lantern, then light it and send it up into the sky. Write down all your intentions for the new year on little pieces of paper and “plant” them in the ground like seeds. Burn some sage or palo santo to purify your home. Enjoy an evening lit only by candles and experience some good ol’ fashioned cozy hygge. Consider bringing more plants + new life into your home, and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve you, that’s broken, or that you don’t use or need. Taking the time to do something symbolic, even if it seems silly to you, is so important during this time of year. Plus, the interplay of our inner and outer environments is a REAL thing, so use it to your advantage!

Live A Little, Give A Little — Treat yourself to something luxurious, romantic, or outside of your normal routine. Do something DIFFERENT on New Year’s Day that represents the experiences or feelings you desire to cultivate more of in the new year. To keep the abundance loop flowing and your hands & heart open to both give AND receive, make a donation to your favorite nonprofit, do a favor for someone, or find a creative way to be of service to someone else.

If you’re looking for even more ways to ring in the new year with intention, I’d love for you to join me at Candlefish on Saturday December 30th at 6:00 pm for a Hidden Gem Candle Workshop where I’ll guide you through setting your intentions + choosing your theme for 2018 OR at Urban Yoga in downtown Charleston on New Year’s Eve for Savasana at Midnight!

I’d love to hear how these rituals go for you in the comments below this article! Feel free to share your favorite ways to kick off a new year, too!

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