Alignment is Bliss

By Lorraine Pursell

What does that mean – alignment? Think of your front tires –wobble, shimmy, especially at certain speeds. You make a mental note: “Must get tires aligned.”

Not much different in life – wobble, shimmy, especially at certain speeds. You make a mental note: “WTF’s going on with my life?! How come I’m worried? Why do I doubt? Who can I see for an emotional overhaul?!”

Alignment. It’s the very subtle, mysterious place deep within each of us, the sweet spot that summons up deep self-love and self-admiration.

It sources from our all-knowing inner being.

It’s that inner spark that knows we’re meant for something great, to shine, give our gifts.

But if we shine, if we proclaim ourselves, we’re easily criticized by Mean Girls. Too scary. “I’ll just keep to myself and someday I’ll be discovered and finally express,” you think to yourself. “I’ll let someone else lift me up.”

Alignment means bucking that and purposely, publicly proclaiming you. It means being full of yourself. It means remembering who you are. It means putting how you feel about you way above how others feel about you. It means minding your own business and tending to your own life. Let others think and do as they may, and with all the love in the world, let them be.

It takes courage because damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Double messages abound. But the rocket ship uses 7.2 million pounds of thrust to leave the earth’s gravitational pull; it takes nothing less as we abandon our attachments to others and align with our grand vision.

Beside well-meaning others, there’s the 800-pound Gorilla greeting us each morning reminding us that we aren’t all that. We need to FIERCELY tame it to keep it in its cage.

When I learned that Tony Robbins and Oprah also have an 800-pound Gorilla, I stopped taking it personally and making it mean anything. It’s part of the human condition. We forget we’re amazing beings with destiny and purpose. Focusing on this truth is the 7.2 million pounds of thrust. Remembering who we are is the work.

It’s holding on for dear life on the days we don’t feel it, wallowing in it when we do, and no matter what, committing to live our sacred destiny. It’s the only way to be aligned.

And while we’re sometimes thrown around emotionally, we find that focal point – that huge future vision – tethering us steady. We ask, “What would faith do right now?”

Alignment is the state to always be in. And when we don’t feel kick-ass, we’ve swallowed doubt and fear, and it’s gotta barf out. Now. Doesn’t belong. Not alignment.

Alignment is bliss. You’ve felt it. Alignment is your right. You deserve to dwell here, blissfully happy and in love with you, appreciative of your heart, your intentions. You know what I mean. With all the love in the world, let the others be.


Lorraine Pursell, M.A., is a global authenticity coach and teacher guiding women back home to themselves. Watch her Live Streams at or visit  for her eBook.