It leaves as fast as it comes so don’t spend the next two months on cruise control. Put aside your to-do list, soak up every moment of sunshine and seize the summer!

Turn up the radio.
Get a pedicure.
Slip on a sundress.
And put on a big beach hat.
Order a frozen drink — one with an umbrella in it.
Run through the fountain at Waterfront Park.
Pick up some fresh shrimp.
Fire up the grill.
Slice open a fresh watermelon.
Churn your own ice cream.
Sit on the porch.
Catch up with friends.
Stay up all night talking.
Lounge in the pool on a fruit-shaped float.
Ride a bike.
Go fishing.
Start a water balloon fight.
Go to a RiverDogs game.
Stay up past your bedtime. Sleep in.
Do something for the first time.
Pack your bag and take a trip.
Collect sea shells.
Build a sandcastle.
Catch a wave.
Finally learn to surf.
Light fireworks.
Have a blast!
Seize the summer!