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7 Tips To Cook Like A Professional

7 Tips To Cook Like A Professional

Cooking is an art that requires patience, as well as a certain degree of passion. You may wonder how food prepared by top chefs is so pleasing to the eye and makes your mouth water at the same time, and the answer is that their skill takes years of training and experience, but here are seven simple techniques to up your kitchen game.


  1. Setting up the ingredients

The first and foremost thing to do before cooking is the properly arranging your ingredients. Line up all your ingredients in their measured quantities before starting your dishes. This will ensure you not get caught up in the middle of cooking. You can also choose fresh vegetables and organic ingredients that will make your dishes healthy and tasty.


  1. Use a sharp and comfortable knife

Cutting the vegetables and other ingredients like meat could be hard if you are not using a proper knife. A dull blade can eat up your preparation time. Using a comfortable and sharp knife gives you a perfect and even-sized cut. You don’t have to apply additional force like that while using a dull knife. The fine cuts and slices offer you a more appealing dish with better taste and speedy preparation. Wipe down the cutting boards frequently and keep them clean.


  1. Learn to toss a pan

With a well-balanced flick of the wrist, the food floats in the air lands back into the pan. This technique makes your food to cook evenly over high temperatures. Tossing helps the ingredients to spread uniformly, thereby offering a perfect taste in every bite.


  1. Taste everything and add balanced salt

You must taste the food at every stage. It gives you an idea of how the dish is going to taste at the very end. Tasting gives you a better understanding of how to season and adjust the ingredients in proper ratios. Always be cautious while adding salt. Balanced salt makes the dish taste better. You can use a different variety of salts, such as like kosher crystal and finely powdered sea salt accordingly to your choice of cooking.


  1. Try roasting and frying

You need to roast and fry the ingredients whenever necessary. Roasting and frying leaves an after aroma to the tongue and gives a unique taste to the dish. Moreover, it unlocks various nutritional benefits and helps the food to be well cooked. Use a measured quantity of healthy oil to fry the ingredients. Spices like cinnamon, peppercorns, coriander and fennel seeds become flavorful and aromatic when roasted under a medium flame.


  1. Sauces make it easy

Use different sauces while cooking. By using a variety of flavorings, you can make your dishes delicious and attractive. You can use one particular sauce for all the procedures, from marinating to cooking. If necessary, you can also prepare your sauce as per your required consistency that will make your food taste outstanding.


  1. Use platters

Serve the dishes on a variety of platters to add style to your meals. Platters make it pretty!

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