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6 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Our Lives for the Better

6 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Our Lives for the Better

The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly winding down, it seems. With the opening of public places, transportation, and workplaces, our lives are slowly returning to normal. But the last few months being locked down with our loved ones in our homes has taught us something; we needed to slow down.

From changing work patterns to our perspective on life, this pandemic has added innumerable experiences and positive factors. Here are the six such positive ways the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives.


  1. Bonding and Building our Relations

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, many of us were so busy with our lives that we hardly had time to build special moments with each other. Some of us didn’t have time between running to meetings, hectic and jam-packed schedules, and closing deals and seizing new opportunities. Being with our families for a prolonged period of time was rare, minus the occasional family vacation.

The pandemic brought us closer to our loved ones gave a much needed tweaking to those bonds. Not only were we able to do our work, we were also able to do it without leaving our loved ones. It will help us to build a better future for our career and family as well.


  1. Me Time

Many of us were so burdened, burnt out, and stressed that we hardly had any time to do the things we wanted to, such as reading a book, watching a sunset, learning our favorite musical instrument, taking an online course, etc. But thanks to the pandemic, we were able to finally get the “me time” we’d been ardently gasping for a long time. From decluttering our homes and indulging in DIY projects, to having hour-long bubble baths, we got the break we needed from our stressful lives.


  1. Adaptability Skills

With the loss of in-person communication mediums, we were forced to come up with new channels and modes to stay connected. From using Zoom meetings and Google Meets video calling, to other online tools, software, ideas, tips, tricks and hacks, we were able to defy the limitations of connection issues.

Organizations came up with innovative solutions to engage more customers and employees. Our thought processes went through an evolution phase where we could kill the boredom by staying connected with our teams easily.  In the whole process, we learned how to make the best use of the technology we already had.


  1. Home-Cooked Food

Not only did our minds get the much-required break, but so did our bodies. We got a break from unhealthy restaurants or takeout food. We were able to prepare home-cooked food from fresh and quality ingredients, control the portion sizes, use healthy condiments and nourish our bodies. There was no rushing in the morning to prepare breakfasts for our kids and spouses. And skipping of meals because of the lack of time became a thing of the past.

Many of us also learned the art of cooking for the first time. Some of us even perfected our already learned cooking skills. There were innovations in recipes as well.


  1. Stress Reduction

Before the pandemic, there would be a new heap of files waiting at your work desk to add to your stress. But that disappeared when people were forced into lockdown. The daily stress of waking up super early, rushing to get to the office in time, and getting stuck in traffic jams also fell by the wayside. Rigid schedules relaxed or disappeared completely, allowing us to make the changes a new part of our daily lives, if we chose to do so.


  1. Clean environment

The greatest boon of the lockdown was a clean environment where the pollution level decreased to a large extent. Greenhouse gasses emission also decreased around the globe substantially. We heard the news of wildlife rejuvenating from the pit of destruction, the skies were clearer, and the environment was fresher. It was as if mother nature had taken advantage of the world’s quarantine to heal the damage we’d done to our planet.

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