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November Horoscopes

November Horoscopes


There may be a burning desire to let someone you know exactly how you feel, just be careful not to come on too strong. Fortune favors the brave and that certainly will be the case of any new romantic affairs that occur this month.


You will be forced to review any outdated opinions you hold this month. When your opinion is challenged your inclination is to go on the attack, however if you give the other person a chance to explain you may see some validity in their argument.


If you’re starting a new project it might feel a little like information overload. Details will come at you from all sources and angles. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Try to separate that what is useful from what is waste.


A large amount of your time may be spent helping out family. Some of this will be out of choice but a large chunk will be out of duty. Don’t forget to take of yourself. Some alone time might just be what the doctored ordered.


What goes around, come around. Luckily for you, the energy you are giving is positive and it is likely to come back tenfold.  With your positive outlook and sunny disposition, others will be drawn to you without you realizing it.



If there ever was a time to be tunnel visioned, now would be that time. With so many things going on at the same time, it can be hard to keep track of where you are with things. Focus on completing one thing a time.


There might be one person who just seems to bring out the worst in you this month. It could be that they are continuously provoking you, but just check you are not antagonizing the situation too. You may be more responsible than you think.



When one door closes another one opens and that certainly will be the case for you this month. Also, where you may have been a little hesitant to give new things a try previously, that will not be that case so much this month.



Preferring to keep yourself to yourself and your emotions tightly wrapped is not necessarily a bad thing. Use this time to assess your needs and find where your priorities lie. As a result, you may find you’re less in the mood fun activities.



Desperate for things to slow down? Well guess what you’re in luck! Now is the perfect time to reflect on your plans for the future. If you are not happy with where your future is heading, this is a great time to make changes.



Despite your biggest efforts there may be times this month when your opinions are just not received as intended and you misconstrue what you are being told. Best thing to do is check and triple check when communicating.



When we are given the space to be ourselves that is usually when we feel most liberated. This month you will have opportunities where you can just be yourself. You will be less fussed with details and more interested in going with flow.




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