12 Things You Can Do in 120 Seconds in the Dark


By Shelley Hill Young

  1. Listen to your heart beat. The average person’s heart would beat about 160 times in 120 seconds.
  2. Practice your plank. The goal is for a healthy person to be able to hold a plank for two minutes.
  3. Run the bases at The Joe five times. It takes the average baseball player 22 seconds to run the bases for a home run.
  4. You can sing one-third of Bonnie Tyler’s hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the total eclipse of the Holy City. The album version of the song is 6:59.
  5. Give a toast with a Corona in honor of the sun’s corona, the glowing white outermost part of the sun’s atmosphere, which can be seen when the moon blocks out the bright light of the center of the sun.
  6. Or pop a bottle of champagne. This is a special occasion worth celebrating. It’s the first total eclipse to be visible from coast to coast since 1918.
  7. Howl at the moon!
  8. Pledge to do something to make the world a better place before the next total solar eclipse is visible in the U.S. in 2024.
  9. Say a prayer.
  10. Tell someone you love them.
  11. Whatever you do, don’t be caught with your head down scrolling your Instagram feed. It can wait 120 seconds.
  12. Marvel at the universe.